How would you like to have this job on a cold, rainy day?

This shot is from January 5th. I don't have the loaner camera yet.


Never Fear!

Your intrepid photoblogger, known as Ampersand365, will live to shoot another day.

My dear friend and neighbor is willing to loan me her digital camera. What a gal!

I promised her that I would take good care of it and not let anything happen to it.

Light a candle for me, wouldja?

My camera is being airlifted to the Nikon Hospital tomorrow, via FEDEX. (See below.)
Well...I am sad to say my Day In the Life Series will have to end here for today.

Why you ask?

Because I dropped the #$%^ camera. And it's, ummm, not working.

Ah well, trying not to despair, and I am off to call Nikon.

I have a bad history of doing this :(

Day in the Life Series

Okay, I admit it, I've gotten a little carried away with this series. But it is fun to do! And the store is relatively quiet, being the end of the month and people are out of money, so I can play a bit.

Here are the links to what I have so far:

Part 1: Morning Routine
Part 2: To the Barn
Part 3: To the Store
Part 4: At the Store

When you look at your life this way, it's amazing how full it seems.

Day in the Life ~ Part 4: At the Store

Turn off the alarm and turn on the heat.

Normally, I straighten the counters.
But today, I am taking pictures of them instead.

Check blood sugar. Better, but not great. Must be that cold I am fighting.

Give more insulin to compensate.

Dear husband, in a break from the real world, has joined me for lunch. He is none too happy about having his picture taken. Greek food, from the restaurant next door.

Ruh-roh, the heater needs to be assembled.

And comes with instructions.

Tah-dah. Here is the heater, looking like the appliance-offspring of the fan that we use in summer. Gracie has already staked her spot next to the heater.

Ahh, finally a good, full-on shot of the little dog, thanks to her commitment to the heater.

Checking the you-know-what again.

Still not quite there. Adjusting my basal rates (background insulin).

1:12 PM -- Ack, should probably call home. Have yet to see or hear from dear son today.
Ahh, he is fine. Doing his math.

Should probably get to work. And stop all this blogging :-).

All incoming discs (sold or traded to us) go through this little gem, a professional grade resurfacing machine.

It's warm enough now, thanks to the new little heater, that I can switch to my beloved flipflops.

Gracie is in there, trust me, I can hear her snoring.
Ok, back to the "buffing" machine.

A Day in the Life ~ Part 3: To the Store

That same stand of magnificent trees on the way back.

The road from the barn.

Arriving back in suburbia.

At the store.

Gracie knows where she is going.

Day in the Life ~ Part 2: To the Barn

Car is loaded.

My dear husband left me a surprise in my car, a space heater for the store. I was telling him how cold it gets in that big drafty rectangle every day. So sweet.

Gracie is ready!

Dear daughter, quite grumpy about the time that all the photos are taking.

A quick stop by the grocery store for horse and human snacks.

Me driving my stylish mini-van :-).

Leaving suburbia.

The road to the barn.

A cluster of magnificent trees that I admire each trip.

Turning into the barn.



"Bye Sweetie, Mwhaa, have a great day, don't forget to call, you have your cell phone, right?"

A Day in the Life ~ Part 1: Morning Routine

Check blood sugar -- not a good one this morning.

Take meds.

Let the little dog out.

Feed Mr. Darcy. (I did let the little dog back in too.)

Head to the internet :-).

Next: to the barn.


My new art stuff - don't you just love the little box I found at Michaels ?!?


Dear daughter, working on a schedule of her days. Lately, the barn has been getting the best of her, and we have been getting the leftovers (which isn't much after long days at the barn). So, as her ever-loving Mom, I encouraged her to create some structure for her time away from the barn. I think she really just took it as an opportunity to color :-).


This is the buliding where I will be spending my next 15 Saturdays (except for Spring Break). I had my first class today -- ART 101 Intro to Drawing. It was a blast. The instructor was engaging and funny. I was sad that class ended early, but I did use it as an opportunity to go buy all my art supplies :-).


It was a bit of a logistical comedy to get this. He's a foot taller than me. I took the first shots and only got half of us, LOL. Then he took a few and got this shot. I was on tip-toes and he was crouched down. And we did this all at 7 a.m. this morning. Ahh, true love.


This has been in my neighbor's window for a couple of years now. I assume it is a long-forgotten halloween decoration. But, it could be that she is celebrating something else.


I pass this fence on they way to and from the barn, three days a week. I have been eyeing for photograph it for a while now. When I got close, I saw that there were vines growing on it.

The shot came out the exact opposite of what I was going for, which was the foreground in focus.

But I still like it and think it is interesting.


If you can stand it, here is another set of pictures from the barn where dd rides :-).

Me, squeezing some love out of the little dog this morning. (Photo courtesy of dear daughter.)


We had our first snow yesterday.


My man, loading up the "serious chippage" required for today's playoff games!