Day in the Life ~ Part 2: To the Barn

Car is loaded.

My dear husband left me a surprise in my car, a space heater for the store. I was telling him how cold it gets in that big drafty rectangle every day. So sweet.

Gracie is ready!

Dear daughter, quite grumpy about the time that all the photos are taking.

A quick stop by the grocery store for horse and human snacks.

Me driving my stylish mini-van :-).

Leaving suburbia.

The road to the barn.

A cluster of magnificent trees that I admire each trip.

Turning into the barn.



"Bye Sweetie, Mwhaa, have a great day, don't forget to call, you have your cell phone, right?"

1 comment:

LauraLiz said...

I'm enjoying your day so much! Unfortunately, my computer is taking so long I'm going to have to leave you at the barn until tomorrow.

The photo of Gracie is so cute! She looks perky, interested, and just bursting with personality.

And I've seen those exact "grumpy eyes" in the face of my very own dd!! :-)