February Retrospective

Gamer makes a rare appearance on the blog.



Ahh, she can be sweet :-).


Beautiful, heavy snow. Many more pics here.


Silvery tree against the night sky. Happy girl with a new CD in her bag.

Took dear daughter to the mall tonight for a cd she earned for cleaning the bathroom :-). She has a mall picture on her 365 too.

Oh, and can you believe that I -- the proud owner of a video game store -- went to THREE different video game stores tonight, in search of a coveted game for my dear son? That is true love, my friends.

Oh, and I did find the game :-)

I'm sorry to break the rules again, particulary so soon after my previous transgression. I took these yesterday, and yes there is more than one. But, I just have to post this series of pictures of Choco, the barn dog.

Choco lives at the barn where my daughter rides horses. He is a mix of chocolate lab and pointer. He has a cozy, warm indoor spot when he wants it. I usually bring treats with me to the barn, so he is always happy to see me. I grew up with a grandfather that had hunting dogs that lived outstide. Choco reminds me of them. I love Choco, he is all dog!!


"Hello! I know you...got treats?"

"C'mon, I know you do..."

"Yum, thank you"

"Is that all then?"

"Okay, I think I'll just get back to my comfy spot of sun..."



Diet Coke.

At IHOP for breakfast with dh.


I'm cheating and posting a couple from yesterday. I happened upon this gorgeous, old tree outside the little church where I had my annual homeschool review.

I want to give the old soul some much due honor by posting it here.

Here are its roots.


Barn: Morning & Night


Hopefully, we will thaw out soon and I can get away from this window!


The birdseed that I scattered has attracted some birds. Nothing better than to sit by the window this morning and enjoy the action. I know these aren't the best shots, with a low-end camera through a screened in window, but I really enjoyed trying to get some pictures. The blue jays are not very cooperative, they never stay still. The upper left photos is one of the jays in the tree. I had about 5 of them at one point and the blue on the white ice was awesome.

Oh, and my other friend was back too :-).


This morning, I scattered some bird seed on the tundra in front of our house. Guess who was one of the first to find it?


That's pure ice...and the sun is doing its best to melt it.


Where I sometimes hang my hat...


Dear Daughter has succumbed to the lure of the 365...Fall Out Girl 365.
Retail at dusk.

Retail Still Life


We are iced in.

The faint grid lines are from the window screen.

More pictures in a mosaic.


Snowy Trip to Barn


This is the inside of the drawer where I put the camera when I am uploading photos. After I uploaded some photos today, I thought, "why not just push that button and see what that little camera is seeing?" Ahh, of course, it's seeing some of its friends, dear daughter's cell phone and ipod :-).


January 2007

Totally stole this idea from Julie. And I love it :-0

Yep, she's turning 13 very soon.
In many ways, she is thirteen-going-on-thirty. But here, she is definitely 13.


Trees Through Windows

On my lunch break from art class, I walked around the building and was struck by the combinations of windows and trees.


Who is that masked horse?


My Art Box gets a makeover :-0.


-- real life photo booth --

Inspired by Dali's self-portraits, in particular, "used womb"

I really hope these do not come off as self-pitying or self-indulgent...I just thought why not show the real-life-large-pincushion-belly? Now that I have it up, I think it is beautiful in its own way. It represents the journey to health and self-acceptance.

Woke up to snow...


Color version here.