August Retrospective

Lots of good memories in here. This month I really felt the fatigue of this project. Coming up with interesting things to shoot on very routine and similar days is challenging.




Weekend Leftover

A shot from my friend's apartment, where I did not get much sleep, and as such I am pretty much a blithering idiot today, and way too tired to even push the shutter button on my camera, much less fix this run on sentence that I just created.


Isaac Mizrahi


I am staying with a friend this weekend and these are her cats. They have taken a liking to my daughters lap, taking turns there off and on all day.


Hand Writing

...thoughts come at night, with pen, but no paper.


Job Perk

In this case, I had to run home to pick up the younger of my kids, who was still sleeping just before noon, when I left home to open the store.

The older called me to let me know that the younger was now awake and that they were "not getting along." Then the younger called me to let me know that "there was not any food in the house."


More Concert Shots.

Photo Essay: When Parents Go To Concerts

The crowd was pretty eclectic at this concert, with eleven bands, everything from rap, punk, pop-punk, screamo, goth metal, electronica, emo rock, to rap rock. As we stood in line, waiting to get in, I enjoyed the diversity, and in particular, the parents amidst the diverse crowd. It was at this point that I had the idea to get as many shots as I could of other parents at the venue.

(I'm sorry that a few of the shots are overexposed, I did not realize that I had the camera on the macro setting. But they were too good to leave out, and I made them the most presentable that I was able to with photoshop.)


When will they open those gates?!?

Mom gets her free merch!

Dad rocks out.

Have to be father and son, right? Love the double decker beers. (By the way, each of those beers cost a ten spot, and I saw many, many drunk peeps. So, I guess they are all broke peeps now.)

Well-prepared Dad. His daughter and her boyfriend were behind us in line. They got a front row seat for my backpack protest.

Mother-daughter pair looking very coordinated in style. I'm digging Dad's body language.

This Dad has the right idea. A couple of beverages and a nap.

These two look a little lost. Except she does have on a concert tee, so maybe she is here on purpose?

Mom is ready to rock in her HIM tee.

Pretty in Pink. Wonder who they're here to see?

Props for the father-daughter coordinated hair styles...but, Dude, you are so not in the right era! But you do remind me of John Lennon and do so love me some John Lennon.

Guess who is the Mom of the kids in black?

Shut up and listen, Mom.

Not sure this guy's a Dad, but his expression speaks volumes.

...Okay...I really should include myself in this category...here's a self portrait...

It's hot! No not me, the weather :)

And here is my concert recap, on my main blog.


This where I was all day today. As a result, I am posting a quick pic and going to bed! A good time was had by all and my baby is not a concert virgin anymore.


This big hosta sure does love its morning sunshine.


Gratuitous Flower Shot

Who me?


Extra Virgin

Olive Oil.


Happy Madden Day

Biggest game of the year for our industry, it crosses all platforms and appeals to a broad base of gamers. It does not do much for us, since we make our money on used inventory, and the new games have very thin margins. But it will bring in customers and trades, and it is a game we must sell new.

Look out Vince Young, the Madden curse is on.

Note to self: Do not take Vince in the Fantasay Football draft.


Birthday Extra

Photo credit: Boogieman (who prefers this, smiling, shot)

Morning Light

This is the first sight I saw this morning as I wiped the sleep from my eyes.

Quite the birthday present, no?


Details: Stuff

Much like if you give me surface areas, I will fill them; if you give me a place to hang stuff, I will. It does not matter if it *goes* there.


Little Girl, Little Dog

Ok, so the girl is not so little any more...but I will always think of her that way.


After PT





Here are some other versions of the shot, and the story behind them, on my main blog.


A Series from Hosta Row

Apparently, I'm in a series sort of mood lately.