Never Fear!

Your intrepid photoblogger, known as Ampersand365, will live to shoot another day.

My dear friend and neighbor is willing to loan me her digital camera. What a gal!

I promised her that I would take good care of it and not let anything happen to it.

Light a candle for me, wouldja?

My camera is being airlifted to the Nikon Hospital tomorrow, via FEDEX. (See below.)


LauraLiz said...

Oh, I hope your camera can be saved! And what a kind neighbor!

julieunplugged said...

Oh my! The drama is too much for a Wednesday morning. I'll have to munch some more Cheezits to subdue the beating of my pounding heart! :)

Glad you have a temp camera. Loved your day in the life. I feel like I could walk around your city now and I'd know every corner. LOL!

Carol said...

I am so glad you have a replacement, and your camera is being being flown out like a Medivac! LOL!