Update for all my wonderful well-wishers

I am writing all this out for those who are interested (Carrie :-)), but if you are not one of them, it will not hurt my feelings at all. :)

First of all, none of what is going on with me is life threatening!

But it is disconcerting when your heart rate is elevated, and somewhat erratic, for several hours on end.

A few years ago, I had several episodes of Supraventricular Tachycardia. My heart rate would shoot up to 250ish and just stay there. It involved taking a wonderful drug, via IV, called adenosine. Adenosine kind of reboots the heart. It feels awful. Just awful. Feels like you are going to die. Kind of like when you get the wind knocked out of you and you are waiting to breathe again, except you are waiting for your heart to beat again.

I give you that history to explain why I am a bit sensitive about these heart-rate-related issues. But, since having my hyperthyroidism treated, getting my insulin pump, and making sure I don't have too much caffeine or take cold medicine, I have been without incident for three years.

This time, instead of SVT, I had regular old tachycardia with some arrhythmia thrown in for good fun. My cardiologist does not think this is the same problem as I had before, but he is going to follow up with a battery of tests and has given me a prescription for a beta blocker to take if it becomes a chronic problem. (It did happen again today, but for only two hours and then it resolved.)

To add to the mix of possibilities, after I had my appointment today, I went by the hospital and got my lab results because they had tested my thyroid but not had the results back before I was discharged. My Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is low, which means that my thyroid levels are too high. I already had an appointment scheduled with my endocrinologist for Monday (how convenient!), so I will talk with her about this.

My cardiologist mentioned dehydration as a possible source of my tachycardia, and I remembered that they had to stick me four times to get blood out of me. They got the vein, but only a trickle of blood. That points to dehydration as well.

So, after all that drama, this could be a matter of a confluence of needing to adjust the thyroid meds, being dehydrated, and having a heart that sends an extra signal from one of the chambers to the other, giving it a tendency toward episodes like this. The funny thing is that I drink a pretty decent amount of water, but had just this week had added a daily 30 minute walk to my routine, and may not have added enough water to compensate for that. The body is wonderfully complicated.

I feel lucky that I have such wonderful doctors, and am in such good health given my host of medical issues.

And friends. I feel lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Especially the cyber-friends, who don't even know me IRL, but still care so much.

I also feel proud of myself that I have been taking such good care of myself and eating right and exercising. I hope you don't mind that I give myself that little, public pat on the back. Just a few years ago, I was quite negligent, and fatalistic, about my health. But I have since decided that life matters.


Sharon said...

Please! I don't think you could ever be "too sensitive" when it comes to issues with your heart. I went through some when I was pregnant with RJ, and I know it tends to keep you attuned to your heart and anything irregular is noticed with a quickness!! I'm glad you were on top of it, and I'm glad to hear it is not something life-threatening. :)

musing said...

Oh, my. I hope they get some answers for you soon. So glad you've been taking care of yourself, though. That's a plus. Now, go drink a glass of water. :)

zerodoll said...

oh goodness. take care, i know what it's like (pac's). they put me on rythmol, which was terrible and lowered my bp to 96/60. i hope you fare better!

julieunplugged said...

Thanks for the fuller update here. WE all worried for you.

jayfish said...

i hope everything turns out okay!

Mike said...

Very best wishes to you & prayers

MaryD said...

Reading this all in one shot as I catch up on your blog, I can only think of your "drink more water" shot which WAS taken before this episode right? Was it prophetic???

Dancingirl365 said...

Glad to hear more. Your summary makes sense. Glad you're taking care of yourself! (Patting you on the back)

Sandy said...

Thank you for the update. Hope you get some answers soon.

And good for you for all the healthy choices and changes you've made. Keep it up!

Now, got drink a glass of water. :)

carrie said...

"Confluence of events" sounds right. I'm glad you're tracking down all the pieces of the puzzle. Dehydration definitely played a part in my mini-episode. Thanks for the update.

LauraLiz said...

Thanks for the update! I will join you in patting you on the back--it seems like taking care of ourselves should be easy to make a top priority, but it just isn't--especially if it means changing the way we do things. I'm proud of you for doing so!!

SusansPlace said...

Here is a HUGE pat on the back and a hug to you!! Wow, I am sorry to be so behind in reading the blogs. I am really glad you have good doctors and that you know somewhat the course you need to take. Dehydration caused my youngest to faint at a water park yesterday and it sent my sister to the lounge chair to cool off and drink lots of water. She said she felt like she couldn't breathe and her heart felt funny. She was fine after downing lots of water....all that to say, the extra 30 minutes of exercise may be the culprit. I like your upbeat attitude. You are a trooper! That makes life more pleasant.

Love you,

colleen said...

Glad you are on the mend and onto what is going on.

I once dropped to the floor with what felt like my heart bursting out of my chest. I was hyperthyroid too.

Scrivener said...

Yikes! Hope it really isn't much more than some dehydration and maybe adjusting your thyroid meds a little. And congrats not only on taking care of yourself but on giving yourself credit for it. Taking credit for yourself is also an important step, one I'm just starting to learn myself.