A Short Series: When Ampersand goes to the ER

Here are some shots from the ER. Of course you all know I had to pimp them out a bit. My daughter took the last one. I hope the photo effects make it abstract enough for you needle squeamish folks.

Isn't that hostpital gown attractive? It does make a cool pattern when photoshopped.

I was a bit of a rebel and left on my sports bra, shorts, and crocs. I took off the ballcap, though. ;P

Fortunately I had a nurse with a sense of humor who allowed me that dignity.

I'm off to the cardiologist this afternoon to see wassup with me. :)

Thanks for all the well wishes, my dear cyber friends. It was most heartening to read all your comments yesterday!

ETA: My beloved Boogieman just IM'd me to say that I am crazy to have taken photos at the hospital. Before you all agree with him, let me just say that these were taken after my heart rate and BP had returned to normal and I was waiting to be discharged. It was only then that I turned to my daugther and asked her to get the camera out of my backpack. But I am dedicated to this project!


Sharon said...

You ARE crazy...but so am I! ;) I love to see the looks on faces when I whip out my camera. I wanted SO BAD to take my camera for my "procedure" on Wednesday, but I was afraid I would lose track of it when the anesthesia took effect. Cool pictures, and I hope everything goes well at the Dr this afternoon.

Ianqui said...

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to leave a message yesterday, but I hope that everything is OK!

julieunplugged said...

So how did it go today? I've been checking for an email all day. LOVE these photos. Reminds me of those cool animated movies that look like the real people but animated.

Tiger is three back.

carrie said...

If you are wanting to share your doctor's thoughts, I'd like to hear them. I took a friend to the ER a year or so ago with rapid and irregular heartbeat. In the end the doctors decided it was her reaction to "prolonged stress." Whatever that means. I had a increased heart rate for several hours on Saturday (120bpm) but it went away when I drank water and took a nap. I think mine was :::whispers::: one of those menopause things.

Hope you're all better and up to smacking a few impertinent customers if necessary. ;-)

my15minutes said...

I missed your post yesterday...I'll have to go back and check up on you!! So sorry you've been to the hospital!

Sentient Marrow said...

I'm sorry I missed these posts! I could swear I checked your blog these past few days but I guess I didn't. So sorry but glad to hear the problem could be as simple as drinking more water. Oh, and I am not surprised by the hospital photos at all... I am a pro at the hospital and doctors offices now... one broken collarbone on son, one broken ankle, and multiple visits... all good fun.

I hope you feel better and that everything gets straightened out with your thyroid meds. The thyroid seems like such a touchy part... my Mom has always had problems with adjusting her thyroid meds. Love you!

MaryD said...

I'm glad you didn't lose your presence of mind enough to forget the camera, documentation is what it's all about... glad your daughter cooperated to take the last pic (my sons wouldn't have!)

Dancingirl365 said...

I'm late reading blogs... So glad you went to the emergency room... not fun, but irregular heartbeat isn't something you want to fool around with. I see there's an update... going to read it!

And btw, the award for most dedicated 365er passes to you now!

SusansPlace said...

I, for one, appreciate your dedication to the project. ;-) You make it look "almost" fun to go to the ER. Seriously, I read the update before this post and I'm glad to know things are under control!!


colleen said...

I'd know you any day in those shoes.

Getting closer.