Well, you guys know how I am about these shots!


Sharon said...

Loving the patterns this one makes.

Sandie said...

It really does become an abstract kind of pattern. It would interesting to base an abstract painting on this one. It has a nice asymetrical balance.

Carol said...

Ok, you can go look at my new header. I want to take the box out now that goes around my name, and I would have loved to the width go as wide as yours, but it started giving me a new 1/3 of the picture. I this because I need to download a larger size of the pic with a different URL. I don't think the width looks bad, but I would love to have it be more stretched out and panoramic, and the box that cuts the picture bugs me too.

Obe Wan KanobeKim, please help me!

Carol said...

Ok, now I got the line out. I took a stab and typed "Opx" for border and presto, it disappeared.

Now, I want to make it go wider. Any hints, or did I need to take the original picture on a panorama setting?

I really should be working on my teaching for tonight. BUT NOOOOOO....I have to change my header!