My Girl

Reading Spin Magazine.


Carol said...

Love the beauty of the black and white. Lovely shots.

Kim, how do you do that boarder on the top? I am ready to copy you again. :)

Ampersand said...

Carol, you have to edit your html template.

It is on the layout tab, I think.

Find the section of your HTML that has:


change it to:

#header-wrapper {
height: 300px;
margin:0 auto 10px;
background-image: url(http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q73/ Ampersandprime/ artbarnparkheader2.jpg); }

You can make the size whatever you want, and change my link to the link where your photo is hosted.

Oh, and crop your photo down to the size you make the header.

I think that is it!

Have fun :).

SusansPlace said...

What natural pics! I love her expressions. :-)


BrightStar said...

I like the lighting in these.

Sandie said...

The light is nice, coming from the back give this set a great feel! Her expressions are wonderful too. She is very pretty.

Dalissa 365 said...

I love this series and the range of expressions you caught as she flipped through the magazine. The lighting on her face is very nice as well.

Sharon said...

Very pretty girl. I love her little expressions in the last two, almost like "I'm not looking at you, I'm not looking..." :)

Sheila Conner said...

I love her second expression--that's kind of how I feel today, perplexed. :) She's beautiful.

jo(e) said...

She's just beautiful. I love that age -- and you've captured it wonderfully.

Katrina365 said...

You captured some great expressions! Love the B&W, too.

MaryD said...

These are beautiful, Ampersand! (She is beautiful, and you've captured her well.)