Silvery tree against the night sky. Happy girl with a new CD in her bag.

Took dear daughter to the mall tonight for a cd she earned for cleaning the bathroom :-). She has a mall picture on her 365 too.

Oh, and can you believe that I -- the proud owner of a video game store -- went to THREE different video game stores tonight, in search of a coveted game for my dear son? That is true love, my friends.

Oh, and I did find the game :-)


paula365 said...

True love indeed! The things we'll do for our kids. I like the blurriness of the first one...makes it sort of dreamy.

Dalissa 365 said...

OK, so what game is that you don't have access to in your own store? The first one almost looks like a colorized b/w instead of a true color... interesting.

Ampersand said...

Dalissa -- It is Oblivion for the XBOX 360. I sold his copy after he finished it ;-). You can't leave video games laying around here! And now he finds himself wanting to replay it. It's hard to find new because it's been out for a while and hard to find used because people are not trading it very much.