‘Tis the Season…for change, that is. This time of year I get in a mood to reorganize my life. Since the scale of change for my whole life is a little large, I thought I'd make some blog changes instead.

Of course, I’m going to continue with the 365 project. The new camera has given me new energy, and I would like to challenge myself to find new things to shoot every day, rather than trees, sky, clouds, landscapes and the little dog. (Actually, the little dog is very hard to shoot. She avoids eye contact with me, and even more so when I have a camera.)

But I digress. I am going to finish out this year with Ampersand 365, and then change over to A & B 365 (Ampersand & Boogieman), where Boogieman and I will both post photos. I’m not sure if he will post every day, but I’m looking forward to doing the project with him. We’ve done a couple of joint photo outings and really enjoyed ourselves.

Beyond 365, I’m finding myself wanting to post lots of the photos that I shoot, to talk about what I was trying to do with them, and how I post processed them. It’s how I learn: out loud. Even if no one is listening. To that end, I’m starting The Amped Eye, to track my photo adventures and learning.

I’ll still post an occasional shot on Ampersand’s Space, particularly when there is a story or Haiku (my latest endeavor) to go with it.

My flash card over-floweth. : - )


carrie said...

I'll add your two new blogs to my google reader. I posted recently on LP how much I have been blessed by the 365 blogs. I always look at them, and it's hard to express how much they've enriched my life this year. I am really pleased to hear you will keep shooting pictures. I am thinking about starting a photoblog for the New Year.

Anyway...thanks for blessing my life with your pictures this year!!

carrie said...

Google won't let me subscribe to a&b 365 yet. Will you post the link again when you start using it? I don't want to forget.


Ampersand said...

Carrie thanks for saying so! I have enjoyed this project so much. I would go so far as to say it has been life changing. I need to go thank Laura for letting us all know about it.

I hope you do start a photoblog!

Oh, I added some pictures to a&b365, so you should be able to subscribe now.