Merry Christmas...belatedly

I actually allowed myself, along with a day of doing absolutely nothing, to skip a day of posting a picture. It would have involved going in to our store to use the computer and the USB cable, and our store was the last place I wanted to be on Christmas day.

I hope everyone had a great holiday -- sacred or profane (like ours), with lots of people or few, with those you love or without, and with much stuff or little -- and that you found a way to celebrate something with someone.

Santa brought me a new lens


Sharon said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Ours was absolutely awesome. I got a new lens too!! WOOT!!! :)

Scrivener said...

Merry Christmas to you!

LauraLiz said...

I love the lights!

And Merry Christmas to Gracie!!

Sharon said...

I got a Tamron 18-250, naturally for a Canon :) The one you got is next on my list, along with a good macro lens.