The Little Dog Cooperates

I was playing with the in-camera B&W, not really expecting to get good shots of her. : )

Also, some Little Dog haiku.


Ampersand said...

Ok, don't look too closely at how much her nails need to be trimmed.

And also, just know, that instead of vacuuming, I photoshopped the carpet. And I cropped out the laundry pile behind her, but just barely, otherwise I would have had to crop out her ear. :)

Sorry to take all the charm out of the shot for you, but I felt the need to confess.

Sharon said...

Oh, how perfect!! That needs to be in a frame. (and I've cropped out laundry before too...Ok, I feel better)


Sandy said...

She's adorable! Great shot. Love the B&W.

PS - I think we have the same rug. It's in one of my recent posts - "gridlock."

Sandie said...

Great shot! And it is funny because I just took one similar to you other 'on watch photo' of Angel. She was also on squirrel watch duty :)

Dancingirl365 said...

Lol... glad I came to comment just to see yours! She did pose!

LauraLiz said...

Gracie's glam shot! It really is perfect.