Horse Show

This is not the best picture ever, but it does show my girl in action, and is the best I could muster today. Sorry to be whiny, but I don't think I've ever felt less like posting a picture for this project than I do today. This is requiring some serious stamina!

p.s. This was after a fall, and she got right back on and finished the course. Points for that!


Sandie said...

Yeah, for Jenna! I hope you feel better soon.

Sharon said...

Go girl!!! That's awesome :) I have felt the same way you do, and then I took my camera and went out looking for something photograph. It all came back to me and I'm having fun again. I think a field trip is in order ;)

Ampersand said...

Sharon, you are right, a field trip is definitely in order. I will have to think of somewhere to go one morning this week, or at least this weekend. I don't think I'm going to make it without a change of scenery.