More Power Lines?

I know!

But I love the clouds behind this one, and my goal is to capture all the ones that I pass on my daily, local travels.

These are in a cow pasture!

Another one, with a different perspective.


Ampersand said...

I wish these shots were the same quality on photobucket and blogger as they are on my PC (even when larger). I hate the jaggy lines here that are so clean and pretty in their original form.

But maybe, I shouldn't be such a mostimalist and make them so big. *grin*

jo(e) said...

The clouds *are* really cool.

Sharon said...

:) Like the perspective in this one.

SusansPlace said...

You come up with the most unique photos!! You have a unique mind. ;-)

I love, love, love clouds.


Sandy said...

Love the contrast between the lines and the clouds. Very good composition.