Final Medical Update

Ack, hopefully final in a good way, as in no more drama, and not, as in, no more me.

Thanks everyone for all your encouragement and well wishes over my recent medical drama.

Saw my endocrinologist today. (Have I said how much I love my doctors?) My thyroid is over-treated with synthroid right now. Unfortunately, getting the right dose is a bit of a moving target because I produce antibodies to my thyroid that cause it to fluctuate. So I've had periods of being under and over treated. I'll tell you one thing, the thyroid is a very significant part of the human anatomy, and when it is not right it is just not good. And just right seems a bit elusive so far. I have just not been the same person, energy-wise, since I developed thyroid disease in my early thirties.

I'm still going to have the follow up cardiology tests because it has been three years since my last echo cardiogram and stress test. (And because I heart my cardiologist.)

Oh, and today I started on Crestor. Not because my cholesterol is bad, but because I am at risk (type 1 diabetes) for an early heart attack. So we need to make my bad cholesterol as low as possible and my good cholestorol as high possible.

Geez, you should see my pharmacy bills.

But still, I really am blessed to have medical resources like these. Not too many years back in time, and I would have died from insulin-dependent diabetes.

And again, I'm counting you all as one of my blessings too. :)

Just to legitimize this as a photoblog, here is a picture of my endocrinologist, Dr. A.

Her first name is Dagmar (that's how I chose her out of the list; I just thought the name was cool). She speaks with a German accent and is very funny but quite stern. The combination works for me. She also listens very well, type’s notes of everything we discuss, and is on the cutting edge of research and treatment. And most of all she is very understanding of what a difficult type of diabetes I have to manage; she encourages each and every little improvement, and reassures me when I struggle.

And she was quite tickled to pose for a shot for my blog.


Sharon said...

I hope she gets you straightened out. :) A good doctor is worth more than gold! I drive 25 miles to RJ's Dr. We will not give him up.

Mike said...

Must be relief to get things sorted out a little. Good news.

Sandie said...

I am happy that it is mostly good news. I have had a hard time finding good doctors that I really like. They are a blessing when you find them!

Dancingirl365 said...

Random thought here as someone who's had her thyroid removed because of cancer: what about removing yours? If yours is constantly fluctuating due to antibodies to it... umm.. maybe that's just too drastic.

But I've had few problems with taking the artificial hormones. Then again, I have no diabetes to complicate it all.

Sounds like you're in good hands here!

Ampersand said...

Thanks, Becky. I have wondered about that myself, if it would be easier to have no thyroid.

I had my thyroid treated with radioactive iodine to destroy part of it. But, it has still been hard to manage.

I'll ask my doctor about it at my next appointment. Thanks again!

clever[art] said...

I like reading these good reports.