Stella De Oro

Although a very common daylily, I still never tire of them.

And check out this last one, I got bokeh!

OK, so it is not due to any skill of mine, given I just used my point and shoot macro setting, but I still take some pride in it. :)


Sharon said...

Beautiful...and nice bokeh!! :)

SusansPlace said...

blushing..what is bokeh? Is that the blurred effect.

I love the YELLOW!

Great shots. :-)


Ampersand said...

Yes, bokeh is the blurry circles in the background. :)

Dancingirl365 said...

Beautiful. I never tire of day lilies either.

MaryD said...

These are lovely pictures Amp!! I never get tired of enjoying gorgeous flowers, and it seems to me that you've captured their "hearts".