Photo Essay: When Parents Go To Concerts

The crowd was pretty eclectic at this concert, with eleven bands, everything from rap, punk, pop-punk, screamo, goth metal, electronica, emo rock, to rap rock. As we stood in line, waiting to get in, I enjoyed the diversity, and in particular, the parents amidst the diverse crowd. It was at this point that I had the idea to get as many shots as I could of other parents at the venue.

(I'm sorry that a few of the shots are overexposed, I did not realize that I had the camera on the macro setting. But they were too good to leave out, and I made them the most presentable that I was able to with photoshop.)


When will they open those gates?!?

Mom gets her free merch!

Dad rocks out.

Have to be father and son, right? Love the double decker beers. (By the way, each of those beers cost a ten spot, and I saw many, many drunk peeps. So, I guess they are all broke peeps now.)

Well-prepared Dad. His daughter and her boyfriend were behind us in line. They got a front row seat for my backpack protest.

Mother-daughter pair looking very coordinated in style. I'm digging Dad's body language.

This Dad has the right idea. A couple of beverages and a nap.

These two look a little lost. Except she does have on a concert tee, so maybe she is here on purpose?

Mom is ready to rock in her HIM tee.

Pretty in Pink. Wonder who they're here to see?

Props for the father-daughter coordinated hair styles...but, Dude, you are so not in the right era! But you do remind me of John Lennon and do so love me some John Lennon.

Guess who is the Mom of the kids in black?

Shut up and listen, Mom.

Not sure this guy's a Dad, but his expression speaks volumes.

...Okay...I really should include myself in this category...here's a self portrait...

It's hot! No not me, the weather :)

And here is my concert recap, on my main blog.


Dalissa 365 said...

I loved this whole series... makes me smile to see so many kids dressing exactly like their parents but probably not thinking that they do. Also, makes me feel old to see this post and think that I will always look like a parent while attending a show rather than a fan... damn it. I'm still not cool.

Dancingirl365 said...

Very funny! It is fun to watch people. Loved your comments with the photos.

Sandie said...

I really enjoyed this whole set and your running commentary. It was like I was a fly on your shoulder. I do love to people watch.