Dancingirl365 said...

It is amazing the details I miss in life! I love the black and white of this and the texture and patterns.

colleen said...

But sneakers do look better close up.

I don't understand the camera equipment you're wearing in the photo.

Thanks for letting me talk!

LauraLiz said...

I like this one a lot! It is cropped (or framed) perfectly, and just makes me smile.

When I got home from Alabama, my son had passed through on his way to NY, and I found a gorillapod (or whatever they are called) on my table!! If only I'd had it under the magic tree on my trip!! (It looks lovely on you, dear.)

Paula said...

It's a nice picture but what I really want to know is, are those new sneakers or do you have the secret for keeping them looking that way? :)
P.S. I want a gorilla pod!

Katrina365 said...

Crisp and Clean. (Must be new shoes.) Black and white make such a good contrast!

Ampersand said...

Paula & Katrina -- Yes, the shoes are new!

Colleen -- it's a lightweight, flexible tripod, called a gorilla-pod that I'm wearing for my spring fashion look :). I'm glad I could enable you to talk ;).

Laura -- isn't the gorilla pod cool? It is much smaller than I pictured it.