Me, at our store, repairing a PS2. That is my Pez collection in the upper-right corner :-).


Dalissa 365 said...

I love it! I love being able to see you at work!

Sandie said...

Great picture! You look so young, you could be the teenage help :) Pink is a good color for you.

Sandy said...

I love being able not only to see *you* but to see you at work! I knew it was you the moment I saw it because of the hat. You look so young.

I also love your landscape pictures. So beautiful.

Sandy (7 from TD)

Ampersand said...


So nice to see your comment here :-).

I did not know that Sandy365 was you!

I'm going to link you if that is ok?

SusansPlace said...

I thought this was a pic of your daughter...you young thing you!


Ampersand said...

Thanks for all the *young* comments everyone!!

I think I would look less young if you could see my eyes in the picture, though. They are definitely showing my age.