It was 55 degrees and sunny today at the barn. Wonderful weather for the end of December. Right after I took this photo, one of the horses came up to the fence to sweetly nuzzle my hair.


julieunplugged said...

Oh Wow~

I love this photo. I'm already intimidated by this project. You all are real photographers. I can tell.


Ampersand said...

No way...it was just good scenery! I am not great at photography but I wannabe.

Sandie said...

This looks like big stretches of Ky. It is a very pretty picture.

Katrina365 said...

Beautiful photos! How do you make that scrolling thing on the side? I linked you to my 365 blog, but afterward I realized I should have asked you first. Is it okay with you?

Ampersand said...

Hey Katrina! No problem linkin to me, in fact I appreciate it :-).

I will link you too.

I made the scrolling photos with my photobucket account. It gives you the html code to put in the sidebar on your blog.